It is with pleasure that I write this note today. I have been your patent for over 12 years and I have nothing but great things to say about you and your practice. I have received excellent medical care no matter what my concern or financial situation was at the time. When I go to your office, I feel at home. I can talk to you about anything even if its not health related because you are always there to listen, to take care of me and all my children. Throughout the years, I have gone through very difficult life changes but you have the gift to make me laugh and forget all my worries. It is always after my visit with you that I see things are not as bad as I thought they were. Thank you Dr. Halper for taking care of me and all my children. I am grateful for your dedication and support to all of us as your patients. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody looking for a family practitioner.

I had been struggling with addiction to pain killers for quite some time and its overall effects. Every day I thought I was finding a way to stop and believed I could do it on my own, but it was close to impossible. I felt the need to take charge of my physical and mental health, to rebuild my relationships and stop the financial drain. It was frustrating trying to find a doctor that would take my insurance until I called your office. I made my appointment the same day. The staff was polite and trained to answer my questions. As I waited to be seen, my expectations were to see a doctor who would write me a prescription and tell me to schedule another appointment for follow up. However, it did not go that way. As I met you Dr. Brett, I realized that you were the real deal. You were serious about getting me clean and you would only help if I really wanted to be helped. The guidelines were set to stay in the program. Drug screens were mandatory and counseling was recommended. Your work did not stop then. You cared about my overall health so you became my primary care doctor. As I recover from addiction, I recommend you to others seeking help. I recommend you as person that is very down to earth and as a professional that truly cares. Thank You!!!

I have been a patient of Dr.Halper for 10 years. Dr. Halper has always been kind and professional. He never rushes me out of the office and spends ample time with me answering any questions or concerns I may have. He is caring and considerate. He values your time and keeps to your appointment times. I would highly recommend Dr. Halper as family practitioner to other patients. He is a great clinician and ensures that you understand your diagnosis before leaving the office.

For over 10 years now The Halper Family has been overseeing my health and with much gratitude to them. As a healthy individual every member of their staff directed me, not only in terms of warding off the common cold but more importantly about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Back in 2009 I endured bot a physical and mentally debilitating injury while skiing in Utah; I broke my Tibia & Fibula as well as contracted MRSA in the process. Upon my return from local hospitalization there, The Halper family dedicated themselves to to scheduling regular screenings, insuring the infection was in fact eradicated as well as remain in contact with my physical therapist to follow my progress. Today I am back on my feet and in better physical condition than before, thanks to the Halper families dedication to my health and well being. I am eternally grateful to them! I would highly recommend them if anyone is in need of a general practitioner.

Due to different circumstances I found myself struggling with addiction to pain medicine. Last year when I was referred by a friend to your office. I called and made an appointment the same day. I was glad to find an office where I was treated as person dealing with a disease, you were professional and understood my situation at the time. As I am overcoming addiction and taking one day at a time, I am grateful to have found your office. I appreciate very much the fact that you take my insurance when nobody else would. Thank you for helping me and others in my situation. I would recommend you without hesitation.

Thank you for providing the best care possible and accepting my insurance without questions. I drive a hour to get treated at your office and that says a lot about the reason why I chose you as my doctor. Two years ago, I made the phone call that changed my life. I made a same day appointment at your office to get treated for addiction to pain medication. It is important that you know I searched many places for help but treatment was not affordable since most places charge excessive fees and don't accept insurance. In addition, I appreciate the fact that I can make an appointment the same day. The care and services provided at your office are incomparable to other's offices. Thank you for all your care and concern about my condition and health.

I have been your patient for more than 10 years and I have always received the best medical care at your office. This note is to let you know that I appreciate your care and dedication you have for me and all your patients. I know I can reach out to you at anytime when I need medical help. Thanks for being always professional and kind. I feel very fortunate to have you as my doctor and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a general practitioner

I drive more than 50 miles for treatment at your Urgent Care faciluty. I have been a patient of your practice for a few years now. I became dependent to pain medication several years ago and I needed to stop and start my life over. Fortunately, someone referred me to your Urgent Care facility and since then I began my recovery. Thank you for accepting my insurance and allowing me to be a part of your program. I appreciate your professionalism, your care and all your help throughout this difficult process.

A traumatic injury left me addicted to pain medication. I was frustrated trying to get treatment for this type of dependency, but nothing seemed affordable and no doctor wanted to take my insurance. I am fortunate to have found your office two years ago. I made a same day appointment and that was a great relief. You were professional and knowledgable of the problem and the staff was very well trained and respectful. I appreciate you taking me into your recovery program and accepting my insurance. I am taking my tough road to recovery day by day, but with your help it is possible.

I have been a patient of Halper Family MEdicine for over 25 years. Dr. Nick has always been a caring and professional doctor, and has clearly instilled these same values in his sons, doctors Brett & Todd. Dr. Brett has been my primary care physician for the last 12 years. He is patient and thorough, makes sure I understand my diagnoses, and never keeps me waiting more than 5 minutes. Your entire staff is always courteous and professional and makes me feel comfortable during my visits. I have and will continue to recommend Halper Family Medicine to my friends and family for their primary care needs. Thank You all very much!

After numerous surgeries, constant therapy and pain medication, addiction became my problem. I was desperate to find a solution to my latest issue. I had no way out because NO doctor would take my insurance and I did not have the means to cover my treatment. In 2010 you gave me hope for recovery. I called your office and made my appointment the same day. You were professional and clear about how important it was that I comply with your rules for treatment. Through my journey of recovery, I have had ups and downs. Nevertheless, you have been there for me to help me continue to break the cycle of addiction. Thank you very much Dr. Halper!